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Tommy Kono - Knee Bands

Tommy Kono - Knee Bands




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Tommy Kono - Knee Bands - L: CIRCONFERENZA GINOCCHIO 33,1-36 CM
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When Tommy Kono developed the knee bands in the mid- 1960s, he called them "T.K. Knee Bands" and many of the great lifters of that era began using them while they trained.

Today, Tommy Kono's original design is available once again! These knee bands will help keep the joint stable during your workout. T.K. Bands also keep your knee joints warmed up; you'll find your knees sweating and they will still feel well-lubricated after you take these bands off.

Sold in pairs.
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Coppia di fasce per ginocchia, per una grande stabilità e sicurezza.

Taglia disponibille L: CIRCONFERENZA GINOCCHIO 33,1-36 CM

THE HISTORY BEHIND THE T.K. BANDS I never had knee problems until I gave an informal demonstration at a Boy Scout Jamboree near Dover, Pennsylvania. I performed a Split-style Snatch of 135 lb. My best Snatch at that time was 297 lb. using the Squat-style so you would think that a measly 135 should not bother me. Well, evidently my forward knee, the right one, must have flexed a little out of alignment for it did not feel right after I gave the exhibition. I did not think anything of it and went on to Warsaw, Poland for the '59 World Weightlifting Championships. At the Championships I tried a World Record lift of 374 lb. in the Clean and Jerk. I shouldered the weight but failed the overhead portion of the lift. The very next day after spending some waking hours moving around, I tried to sit on a chair and found I could not bend my right leg enough to sit correctly. It was stiff and the knee looked swollen. From then on I had a knee problem. Because my right knee was bad I started to favor it and use my left leg more in all my movements, even transferring much of my training load to my left leg. Yes, you guessed it. I had a problem with my left knee too. I was plagued with both knees being bad going to the 1960 Rome Olympics. My once thickly muscled legs, especially right above my knees, started to shrink in size for I could not perform the full knee bends or tax them without being in pain.

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